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CIMTechnology Solutions

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High Volume, Low Mix

When you are machining 1,000 or 10,000 parts in a single run, time is money. Loading files into different systems, manually updating for changes, and production errors all costs time.


 Efficient, integrated technology and powerful automation means less time at the computer and more time at the machine. 

Low Volume, High Mix

When complex, specialty jobs are your bread and butter, you need a system that can handle the heavy lifting. Design changes, complex programming, and a need for accuracy the name of the game.

With powerful Feature Recognition and customizable Knowledge-Based Machining, CIMTechnology can help you leverage your experience and skill to the fullest.

Hybrid Mix

You do it all, and you need a CAM system as flexible and versatile as you are. Anything could come through the door, and you need to know your system can handle it. 

From powerful Automatic Feature Recognition and One-Button Machining to streamlined CAD/CAM software integration, CIMTechnology can help you with whatever your next project is.

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