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Wire EDM

 Wire EDM

CAMWorks WireEDM Pro is the result of 25+ years of development. One of the first systems to utilize feature based machining and cutting condition databases, CIMTechnology has a long history of automation and innovation. 


Today, CAMWorks WireEDM Pro is powered by CIMWorks and provides powerful, one-click, automated machining as well as robust customization. This allows you to optimize your processes and save up to 97% on your programming time and costs.


All while being seamlessly integrated with SolidWorks. 


CAMWorks and SolidWorks CAM Turning provides solutions for 2 and 4 Axis machining. It features Automatic Feature Recognition, saving valuable time programming parts. 


Automatic Feature Recognition analyzes the part shape and defines the most common machinable features such as the OD and ID of the part, front face and grooves.

Integrated with SolidWorks, meaning that tool paths update automatically as changes are made to the part, improving accuracy and time.


CIMTechnology is pleased to offer CAMWorks Milling and Mill-Turn along with Solidworks CAM milling as an OEM Distributor. 

Including features like Tolerance-based and Knowledge-based machining, Automatic Feature Recognition, and VoluMill, SolidWorks CAM can handle all of you milling needs up to 5 Axis simultaneous milling and mill-turn. 

Integrated into SolidWorks, the system is capable of reducing programming time by 90% and increase production and tool life by 400% and 500%, respectively.


CIMTechnology is pleased to offer SolidWorks and SolidWorks CAM as an certified OEM Distributor. 


SOLIDWORKS® solutions can help boost productivity, harness intelligence, foster innovation, and facilitate collaboration. 


Through tight integration, SOLIDWORKS tools enable you to leverage 3D models throughout the organization, bringing processes together so you can get products to market faster.


Solutions include simulation and analysis, data management, technical communication, CAM, design, and more. 

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